Radon Testing Cincinnati

Radon Testing, is the very first steps in any successful radon mitigation process. You first need to certify and identify that there is in fact radon gas concentrated in your home which require removal. Without proper testing by top professionals, you not only know if the deadly gas is in your Cincinnati home, but also prepare to eradicate it if found to be in your home. How exactly does one test their home on Ohio for Radon? You can find out by Call Us for a Free Quote, or continue reading..

What Does It Mean to Test For Radon?

What conducting radon testing Cincinnati basically means is carrying out a test in your home to see the level of radon gas in it. It is important to know the radon concentration levels in your home, as having high levels can lead to serious health complications, worse of which is lung cancer.

Testing for Radon, is the first step in radon mitigation. This is done to see if the indoor-air and/or domestic water radon concentrations should be reduced.

Radon can be present both in the air and in both public and private waters. Radon in the air is considered to be a greater health threat than radon in domestic water, however, it is paramount to test for both. Although radon in the air cannot be completely removed, it can be mitigated and remediated.

The EPA recommends radon action at 4.0 pCi/L, the same amount of radiation in 100 chest X-rays!!!, or ten cigarettes a day. Remember what I said about lung cancer earlier? Radon causes more lung cancers in non-smokers than anything else. Thus it is paramount to get your home in Cincinnati Ohio tested out today.

Am I in Danger Of Radon In Cincinnati?

It is estimated that 4 out of 10 homes in the Greater Cincinnati Areas have high radon levels. Due to the geographical location and terrain, Ohio is one of the states with the highest concentration of radon gas. Many homeowners are advised to conduct a test for radon in their homes before buying it. Also, it is not uncommon for Real estate agents to have properties tested for radon in the Cincinnati area. Certified Radon Pros have worked with many families and Agents in this regard and provides the best tools to give accurate test results.

How Long Do Radon Tests Take?

48 hours is the shortest possible time frame to get your test results. This is true of all testing methods. If however, one uses a Passive Radon Test(a type of Radon test kit) then it would need to be sent to a lab for analysis. This can take about 4 days. If you hire a well-trained Radon professional with a Continuous Monitor(Like us) then it would be 48 hours and we’ll provide results immediately after running the test. So give us a Call Today and get your home tested.

Cost Of Radon Testing In Cincinnati

If you’re looking to run radon testing in Cincinnati yourself, you can use any of these two methods:

The Passive Testing Devices, which typically cost between $20 to $120 or the Active Testing Devices set which on their own cost anywhere from $150 to around $250. Want to know more about what it costs to get your home mitigated for radon? Read more here.

Types of Radon Gas Tests

- The Passive Testing Devices:

Usually small and not complicated to use, they do not require electricity to function. These devices can be set by anyone and then mailed to a nearby laboratory. Methods like charcoal cylinders, alpha track devices, and scintillation measurements are usually deployed. This test type takes at least 48 hours to ensure accuracy, before being sent to a lab for analysis.

- Active Radon Devices:

Powered by Continuous Radon Monitors that are often the size of a shoe-box, they’re to be set out by a technician who typically comes to your home two times. First to place the device and returns 48 hours later to retrieve the machine and read the results. Measurements are taken hourly by the technician and then an average radon level for the test period is produced.

The cost is usually anywhere from $150 to around $250. This however does not include the cost of mitigation.

The Certified Radon Pros Radon Testing Process:

We ensure radon testing is easy for homeowners with our seamless process:

Step #1: Give us a call or fill out a form on our website to request for a Free quote

Step #2: After the quote, we’ll set up a consultation at your home within 24 hours.​

Step 3: Our trained professionals will be at your home to carry out a test depending on the problems highlighted in the earlier conversation. They will walk you through your home and show you potential spots where radon could be entering your home. The radon professional will then set up a CRM, or “Continuous Radon Monitor”, in your home. This will continuously take the level of radon concentration in your home for two to three days.

Step #4: After the radon testing is completed, We will then proceed to determine if radon mitigation, or radon removal, is recommended in your home. We also offer further, even more accurate, retesting options if you would like to know the radon gas levels of your home over a longer period of time.

Step 5: If you decide to have radon mitigation, or radon removal, done to your home, our Certified Radon Pros in Cincinnati will walk you through the steps needed to remove radon from your home. Find out more about Radon Mitigation here

Step #6: You and your family, or your client(If you’re an agent), will live peacefully in your home, knowing it is radon free!

Want to Know your Radon Levels in the Greater Cincinnati Area? get in touch with the Certified Radon Pros today and recieve a Free Quote.