Radon Mitigation

Why Radon Mitigation In Cincinnati?

You have conducted Radon Testing in your home, now what should you do next? Mitigate and remove it from your home. It is paramount you do this properly and must be done by a radon professional

Per recommendation by the EPA, a seasoned and certified radon professional is to install a proper radon mitigation system in your home. Certified Radon Pros Cincinnati is the go-to local business for radon mitigation. Call Us Now for a Free quote.

When you do call us and after getting the exact radon levels in your home through testing, we will proceed to ensuring your family is safe from Radon by installing a proper mitigation system.

What are some type of these radon mitigation system we install?

The Interior Soil Depressurization

This is the most popular radon mitigation system by homeowners, simply because it does not involve having to install pipes outside ones home, which is the common practice.

Often a neat process when done by a certified professional like us, a pipe is installed in one’s basement or garage, with a fan connecting it to the roof top. The radon gas is then expunged through this vent created.

You can read more about this system here

The Concrete Slab Soil Depressurization

Installed usually in homes home is under a concrete slab foundation. If your home has a slab foundation, this method is the more or less going to be the method used to mitigate radon from it.

This is done by drilling holes in the aforementioned slab before connecting PVC pipes and channeling it to the top of the roof of your house via a radon fan.

The Exterior Soil Depressurization

Very similar to the Interior soil depressurization system above, but differs as the installed Pipes are placed outside your home. This ensures you don’t have to worry about having radon gas running through a pipe in your house.

Many prefer this system because it means they don’t have to deal with pipes inside their homes while others are not so found as it does not make for great aesthetics.

The Sump Pit Radon Mitigation System

The installation of this system utilizes existing rainwater drainage systems in the home to mitigate radon gas levels in homes.?

If your home has a rainwater drainage system, this method will be te easiest one possible for you.

The CrawlSpace Sub-Membrane Depressurization

Yet another system that takes advantage of home setup.

The CrawlSpace Sub-membrane is installed in homes with crawl spaces or exposed dirt as part of its foundation.

First, a high-density polyethylene vapor barrier is placed on the soil, before the PVc pipes and radon fans are inserted to produce a pathway from the soil to theair outside.

Have a home in the Cincinnati Area and want to know if it is safe from Radon or whether Radon gas is worth worrying about? you can call us for a test today.

We will install the very best Radon Mitigation system for you to help keep the radon in your home away and your family safe and sound. we the Certified Radon Pros, are the best at the Radon Mitigation game in the whole of Ohio, and we do so at a fraction of the standard mitigation cost. Call Us today, lets bring smile to your home!

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