Ohio Radon Levels by Zip Code

An idea on Ohio Radon Levels by zip code and Radon map of Ohio will help you gauge your county’s average radon levels. This will also help you make an informed decision on when and how to conduct radon testing and radon mitigation. Once you have an idea about your county’s average radon action levels and have tested for radon, you can choose to install any of the available radon mitigation systems. But before that, what really is radon?

What is Radon?

Radon is a deadly radioactive gas formed during the breakdown of uranium. The breakdown of uranium can occur in the soil and rocks and sometimes in water. The gas produced is both odorless and colorless, making it extremely deadly to human exposure.

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What is The Acceptable Radon Level In Ohio?

The Government of Ohio and the Environmental Protection Agency both recommend that levels be below 4 picocuries of radon per liter of air (4 pCi/L).

If your county’s Ohio Radon levels by zip code do read above 4pCi/L, it is not considered as acceptable. Consequently, you want to install a radon mitigation system and protect your family from radon’s deadly hands.

Again, see the radon levels by zipcode below

Why Does Ohio Have Such a Radon Problem?

Ohio has high radon problems because of its geographical location and geologic formation. Ohio’s location on the American map makes it one of the states with the highest radon levels. Again, there is a high amount of uranium(the main cause of radon) in Ohio soil.

This unique makeup makes the Ohio radon levels by zip code show that the state has radon levels exceeding the national average. You can find a pictorial depiction of this in the Radon Map Ohio below.

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Radon Map Ohio

The Ohio radon map below shows three levels of radon action. This map is also the EPA radon map Ohio.
The red-colored area labeled Zone 1, have extremely high radon levels reading above 8pCi/L. This includes areas like Cincinnati and Hamilton county.

Zone 2 on the radon map Ohio are areas between 6 – 8pCi/L. The last Zone are counties with less than 4pCi/L readings.
You can also view the interactive radon map Ohio here.

Find your county in Zone one or Zone two? Then get in contact with our Ohio Radon Professionals today.

“My county is in Zone 1”. It shouldn’t stop you from calling us. Besides, its best to conduct a test and install a mitigation system before you accumulate dangerous levels.

Ohio Radon Map EPA

Radon Levels of Cincinnati By Zip Code

ou’ve seen above the general radon map of Ohio, next, the average levels by Zipcode. Since we cover mostly Cincinnati and Hamilton County, our data will only cover the zip codes in that area. For the entire data on Ohio radon levels by zip code, see here.

What Next After Knowing The Ohio Radon Levels By Zip Code?

Radon is a highly deadly gas that causes cancer and in the worst case, death. Knowing your radon levels is the very first step to protecting you and your family from it.

However, radon testing is not enough for full radon protection. You would want to install a radon mitigation system or have a remediation set up in place. Give us a call today lets help you get rid of radon as you protect your family.

We serve the whole of Cincinnati and Hamilton County as well as other areas in Ohio.