Radon Mitigation Cost

Knowing how much radon mitigation cost, is vital in deciding which mitigation company to hire. If you suspect that there may be radon in your Cincinnati home and after due test, the next logical step is to install a radon mitigation system. Many homeowners and possibly you included, always wonder and ask How much does radon mitigation cost?
With our help, we’ll guide you through how to first get your home tested for radon, the factors that determine the price of radon mitigation and the very prices for each type of radon mitigation.

How Much Does Radon Testing Cost?

Before radon mitigation is carried out in your home, the radon gas levels need to be ascertained to know what type and how best to install a mitigation system. To do this, a Radon Test has to be carried out. You may choose to carry out this test yourself by purchasing one of the Do-It-Yourself Kits, which cost a few hundred bucks, or hire a Certified Radon Profession,

At Certified Radon Pros Cincinnati, we charge a fraction of what other radon companies do. Our price for radon testing in Ohio range from as low as $100 to $300, depending on your home structure and some other factors. Give us a call today.

Why Does One Home Cost More to Mitigate Than another?

Often times when we speak to homeowners, they ask why their present home cost more to mitigate than their neighbors’ or a previous home of theirs.

While a valid question, the answer to this is quite simple, the cost of mitigating radon differs from home to home and each is dependent on several factors. Also, we take into account the time it will take to install a mitigation system as well as the amount of material needed.

Factors That Determine Radon Mitigation Cost:

Age of home: The first factor we consider before giving a quote, is how old your home is. Older homes: homes before the 1980s usually are more difficult to mitigate from radon gas and as a consequence, are more expensive. Newer, more modern homes however may still command a high cost but are relatively cheaper than older homes.

Size of Home: Obviously, the larger your home is, the more difficult it would be to mitigate the entire home and suck radon out of it. The bulk of the finances will go to purchasing equipment big enough to cover the home.

Location of Home: Your location in the greater Cincinnati Area also plays an important role in determining the exact cost of mitigating radon in your home. If you leave in areas with high levels of radon, mitigating it will cost more. You can see the radon concentration levels in Ohio here.

So How Much Does Radon Mitigation Cost In Cincinnati Ohio:

Radon mitigation costs in Cincinnati will depend on the mitigation system installed.

The price can fall anywhere between $750 to around $1,500 for a basic system. However, for more complex and bigger homes, this cost can be as high as $4000.

Again, these prices are all unique to each home, and its why you should get in contact today for a free quote.�? A fair quote will be given to you based on the radon mitigation system we deem best to install in your Cincinnati home

Radon Mitigation Systems Cost:

The different radon mitigation systems available in Ohio include the Interior and Exterior Soil DepressurizationThe concrete slab soil Depressurization, the CrawlSpace Sub-Membrane Depressurization, and Sump Pit system. You can read more about each system here.

Interior Soil Depressurization: Being the most common system of radon mitigation, it can cost between $1000 to $3000. This range depends again on the factors listed above.

Exterior Soil Depressurization: This system can be installed for as low as $750 to as high as $2500.

Concrete Slab Soil Depressurization: To install this system cost anywhere between $800 to around $2500.

CrawlSpace Sub-Membrane Depressurization: A sub-membrane costs from $1000 to about $3,000. Unless the crawlspace is already encapsulated, the cost can increase to about $4000.

Sump Pit system: The average cost to install a sump pit system in your home falls between $900 to $2500.

Will there be any extra cost incurred?

Usually no, you don’t have to worry about any other cost, at least not with regards to installation. However, you will incur more electricity bill due to the mitigation system running 24/7, this bill won’t be too much though, as radon systems don’t consume too much energy.

Also, as with any appliance in your home, your radon system will need some maintenance, thankfully, radon systems don’t require much maintenance over time when properly installed by a truly certified radon professional.

What About Fans, How much do Radon Fans cost?

That is a very good question to ask. A radon system is incomplete without a radon fan and maintenance of this fan is important, especially when you want to do radon remediation.

Firstly, fans cost anywhere between $100 to about $250 to install in your radon mitigation system. They also consume around $30 to $300 in electricity annually.

Is Radon Mitigation In Cincinnati Worth The Cost?

Absolutely! You don’t want to endanger your life as well as the life of your family and client(if you’re a real estate agent), by being frugal on a few hundred/thousand dollars.

Let’s put it this way, how much do you value your home and family? A lot right? If so then getting your home mitigated from radon is a must and shouldn’t be up for debate.

Furthermore, radon does cause cancer and is the number one in this regard among none smokers. If you take into account the possibility of getting cancer and the cost both financially and mentally it will bring along, getting a proper radon system in place will be paramount to you.

Price is a huge factor in many things and even we do factor it into our daily lives. However, certain things are priceless in life: family, happiness, and health are a few of the priceless things life has given us. Consequently, not compromising on any of this should be the mantra for any homeowner.

This is why we the certified Radon pros, provide very affordable radon mitigation services in Cincinnati and Ohio at large to help keep you and your family safe.

Call us today lets get your home tested and mitigated. Call us now and Support your local business!

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